Stronafian Consultation Framework

At the board meeting today we decided to move forward with Gordon Gray Stephen’s advice on community consultation. To this end we’re going to pursue three main threads:

  1. A visit to a community forest of a similar type to ours — we looked at forests in Inverness and Mull and decided on the latter for its relative proximity to us as well as being of a scale. We decided on the 4th September as the date. Signup lists will be posted locally locally, and emails etc. will be sent out.
  2. The employment of two animateurs to go into the community and ask what the community wants out of such a project (if at all). More on this later.
  3. A public information and informal consultation day. Again more on this later but we are looking at the 12th September as the date for this.

All three will be critical to the formation of the business plan / extended options appraisal that we will need to complete for our application under the NFLS.

For Gordon’s full option appraisal have a look at our publications page.

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