Sandwiched out after a great afternoon!

With an audience of around 50 and two guest speakers our Sunday afternoon was a great success. Not only were there sandwiches and soup, but cakes and shortbread, all of which oiled the hubbub of comment and conversation after we had heard from our two guest speakers, Ian Hepburn from Mull, and Michaela Hunter from Kilfinan. Both speakers pulled no punches, but both were inspirational in their own way. We learned some valuable lessons, and were, in the most part anyway, left feeling very positive about Stronafian Forest.

As chair I outlined where we are in the process, the valuation we had just been given (more of which in a later post), and how we intended to accumulate the funds in the next 18 months to purchase the forest. In fact, given the presentations, and the viability of Stronafian Forest it was felt generally that the major hurdle was the purchase. Once we have the asset, it will provide income, employment and amenity for the community in perpetuity.

The next steps are all associated with the community ballot to find out whether the community would like us to move forward with this (well, that and finalising our application to the NFLS board and publishing our business plan at the beginning of October).

Lastly, if you would like to know more about how we intend to raise the money to purchase the forest and other exciting possiblities associated with the forest, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our form, or ring me on 01369 820 115.

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