Desks and Drawers and Office Space

Today we met with the Glendaruel Village Hall to talk about how the space we’d be using in the back-room would be structured. The idea is to see if we can create a set of shelving and desk space that will fulfill our requirements as a two-day-a-week office, and the Hall’s need for a creche-and-quiet-space for the children. We think we have worked it out, so next steps are to cost, implement and then move in.

Once we have the broadband in place, we are hoping to make it accessible to all residents wanting an internet connection in the hall by supplying a computer in the hallway. Those with laptops will be able to access the wifi.

BTW. One of the more interesting challenges with getting a phoneline and broadband to the hall is that it has never been allocated a postcode — we now have one, PA22 3AE!

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