Michael Russell MSP welcomes our successful ballot

SNP Parliamentary Candidate for Argyll & Bute, Michael Russell MSP – who lives in Glendaruel –  has given a warm welcome to the vote by local residents which will start the process of community purchase for the Stronafian Forest by the Colintraive and Glendaruel Community Trust.

Mr Russell said:

“As a former Environment Minister as well as a Member of the Trust  I am a strong supporter of community land purchase and particularly the purchase of forests and woodlands by communities.     The ambitious plan by Colintraive and Glendaruel Community Trust to seek to acquire Stronafian Forest and use it as a community resource shows a positive belief by that community in a better and more secure and sustainable  future for the community.   I am therefore delighted that the local ballot of residents has resulted in two thirds backing the plan.

“The community now have 18 months to raise the necessary finance and put in place a sustainable business plan for the forest.   There are a lot of good ideas around and some very positive models elsewhere in Argyll to look at, including the North Mull Forest and the newly purchased woodlands at Kilfinan and on Bute.

“There will be much hard work ahead, but this vote is a vital and very commendable next step in the process.   I am sure the community will get every help and encouragement from the Forestry Commission and from other public bodies as the plans  develop as well as from local business and from local elected representatives.”

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