Our Letter in Support of the Save Kilmodan Primary School Campaign

The Development Trust have just sent our letter in support of the campaign to keep Kilmodan Primary School open to Cleland Sneddon, the head of Education for Argyll and Bute Council. The letter provides a detailed critique of the proposals as they relate to Kilmodan Primary School (and Strachur and Tighnabruaich) as well as looking at the process in its entirety.

This letter has been cc’d to our local councillors Alex MacNaughton, Ron Simon and Bruce Marshall, as well as MSP Jim Mather and MP Alan Reid.

Here is an excerpt of the more general points:

The Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust wishes to register its opposition to Argyll and Bute Council’s proposals to close Kilmodan School in the Clachan of Glendaruel for the following reasons:

  • The proposals do not improve the educational standards for the pupils of the school in any way.
  • The proposals commit the children to a school journey of over 45 minutes: which by the council’s own standards is unacceptable.
  • The proposals critically undermine the economic, social and cultural viability of the Clachan of Glendaruel and therefore the community.
  • The proposals create a division in our community, and do so without regard for the electoral and physical boundaries between Colintraive and Glendaruel.
  • The proposals have not been made in consultation with the statutory community bodies.The proposals were not preceded with any attempt to engage with the community on alternative arrangements to closure as the act and guidance indicate.
  • The proposals, which have been put forward for discussion on 2nd November by the council, state in point 8.1 the note that the council decided to go ahead with the consultation process on the 2nd November. This contradicts statements made in letters to parents to all three schools. In our view this undermines the credibility of the whole consultation process.

If you require a different format of this document, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note: Michael Russell was not party to any discussion of this issue by the board of the Development Trust and takes and supports no view on it.
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