Of Hubs, Hydro and Ships-to-Shore

A quick digest on some of the projects which we are working on at the moment:

  • The group looking at the Clachan pavilion or hub on the eastern end of the shinty pitch have recently received from the architect the building brief which resulted from a meeting between him and the ‘Hub Group’. Once this has been approved schematics will be produced, and then we’ll get a visual as to how this building might look and work.
  • We’re moving forward with the recommendations made to us by the Ship-to-shore group and Rhona has made contact with various stakeholders.
  • We’re also looking at micro-hydro schemes in Colintraive and Glendaruel and have identified with Community Energy Scotland 8 possible watercourses where this might happen. Once a desktop assessment has been made we’ll be contacting the landowners associated with the water courses to discuss possibilities.
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