Of Hall, Hotel and Hub: an Ongoing Discussion

One of the ongoing discussions we have been engaged in is seeing a way forward for Glendaruel what with the CRtB on the Hotel, the initial plans drawn up by the Hub Group and the ongoing progress the Village Hall Committee are making towards renewing the hall. To aid the community’s thinking we organised a session with all three groups at the Village Hall facilitated by Donald Walker and building on the decision-making matrix that the Development Trust has already developed.

Here’s Donald’s Review of the meeting:

The group listened to a short introduction of the aims and process and then heard 5 minute summaries of the activities of each of the working groups. The group were given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and then worked through 2 set exercises which were designed to generate a consensus over next steps.

Using the presentations and the knowledge of the group, the team assembled a number of criteria which will be used to evaluate options. These criteria were forced ranked 1 to 10 although it was agreed that there could be an opportunity to combine or reclassify some of them at a later date.

The team then selected a number of “wants and needs” for the community and listed these in no particular order. The “wants and needs” were written in way that did not describe the solution; so, the community wants/needs access a licensed premises rather than the community wants/needs a pub. In this example, a pub is one possible solution to the requirement to access a location which is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

The team used a 1-3-9 scale to score the relationship between the “want/need” and the criteria where 1 = remote relationship/influence, 3 = moderate influence and 9 = strong relationship. This scale is designed to force a separation between items which have a big impact and those which don’t.

Next steps
The team agreed that this activity should not delay or derail any activities planned by the Village Hall team.

All those present agreed to re-convene for a further 2 hour meeting in the new year to complete the table. During this second session, the team agreed to define each of the criteria to improve clarity and to make the description more objective.

The team also agreed to complete a third session which would be designed to form solutions to each of the wants and needs. These solutions will be evaluated using the same approach as the prioritrisation matrix.

The presentation and matrix are attached so that all interested parties can see what was covered and participate in the process.

Glendaruel Discussion Presentation 5MB
This is Donald’s opening presentation outlining the method and the way outcomes are achieved.

XLS Spreadsheet
If you have Excel and would like to contribute your scores to our next discussion, please send them into us. Remember to score only 1s, 3s and 9s!

PDF of spreadsheet
For those of you who don’t have excel, here’s the pdf which you can open using Adobe Acrobat Reader, freely available from adobe.com

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    UPDATE: Next meeting for the group has now been set. All attendees please contact Rhona for more details!

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