The Ferries Review and how it might affect Colintraive

The Ferries Review is ongoing and it does affect Colintraive in particular. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

40. […] we could enhance the Colintraive to Rhubodach service, running the service through to midnight, thereby extending the operating day and meeting the model service profile. We feel that this is the most cost effective solution to meet the service gap, which at the same time, because of the reasonably high patronage on the route, could bring substantial benefit to the local economy. The intention would be to include this proposal as part of the next tender for Clyde and Hebridean Ferry services in 2013.

41. We recognise that this is not the principal route, or the route that may most often be used for commuting purposes. The community is therefore asked for their views on this proposal and whether an extended service on this route would be well used.

What do folk in our community think? Please comment here, contact a member of the board of DT, the CC or our LDO Rhona.

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  1. admin says:

    from Facebook: “[…] I’ve just read the report in the newspaper – sounds good, I think and potentially v. good for tourism in Colglen (and people who always wanted to pop over in the evening to go to the Jazz festival, cinema, restaurant but couldn’t because of the early last ferry).”

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