Archaeology Weekend 23 & 24 November, 10.30am – 3.00pm

Work with Archaeology Scotland on this brand new project to discover the chambered cairn, working in Colintraive Village Hall and on site at the Cairn. If you are unable to attend both days or for all of the sessions, that’s fine.

Everybody is welcome, with any level of archaeological knowledge. This will be a 2 year community project. Your knowledge and input are very welcome and you will be in a position to help interpret and access the Cairn from the very start.

Adopt-a-Monument is a nation-wide Community Archaeology scheme that provides volunteer groups with the practical advice and training they need to care and conserve their local heritage. The project encourages groups to get involved in hands-on activities to improve the condition, accessibility and interpretation of their chosen site. Between 2011 and 2016, we will work with 40 community groups to equip volunteers with new skills in archaeological fieldwork and conservation, which can be used again and again to promote the heritage of their local area. More information on Adopt-a-Monument can be found on our website .

While the aims for this project are still being decided, we felt we can help with the following aspects.

•         Provide training to survey, record and monitor cultural heritage assets within the woodland [Field Survey, detailed site survey/ desk based research]

•         Help advise with path creation, interpretation (both with panels and leaflets, but also through digital interpretation)

•         Help create a management plan for the cultural heritage assets within the woodland

•         Help advise on future fundraising, project planning, insurance

•         Can help the group network with other community archaeology groups within Scotland 

We are keen though for the project to develop how you, the participants want it to! If you are particular interested in a particular archaeological feature or are keen to develop a specific archaeological skill, we will try (when possible!) to build that into the project.”

Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days. Participants must dress for the weather conditions and sound footwear is strongly advised. The access route to the Cairn can be quite challenging and demands a certain level of mobility and fitness. If you decide not to walk the route there will be other archaeological activities on site. If you would like to participate in the weekend event please email Mark at or phone the office in Colintraive on 01700 841358. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there.

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