The Development Trust is working on a number of projects which aim to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the area. Projects are generally managed by the Trust and led by project staff; often we form project sub-groups within the local community to ensure we are pulling in the right direction. We’re always interested in hearing about the community’s aspirations, so please get in touch if you have any ideas you would like to share. Meanwhile, the following is a summary of current activity:


An opportunity arose for the community to purchase Stronafian Forest under the National Forest Land Scheme, which provides communities with enhanced right to buy. The Forestry Commission notified CGDT of its plans to sell the Stronafian plantation, providing an opportunity for the Trust to acquire the plantation on behalf of the community. Purchase went through in 2013 and CGDT is most grateful to the community for their support during this time.

GREENER COLGLEN is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) until March 2015. Community consultation – the “Are We Ready?” pilot – highlighted widespread support to build on the success of Warmer ColGlen, aiming to tackle Community resilience – in particular to establish a Community food-growing project. Sara Maclean is Project Officer for the project.

THE COWAL WAY – we were successful in our grant application to the Coastal Communities Fund, to secure almost £330,000 to upgrade and improve the entire 57 miles of our long distance footpath. We have created three jobs – a full time Project Manager, a full time Path Ranger, and a part time Administration Officer.  The ultimate aim is to make Cowal Way one of the best long distance routes in Scotland, and also to be officially accepted as one of Scotland’s Great Trails. The work has already begun, and the path user experience will be vastly improved over the next two years.

THE SLIPWAY PROJECT– Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL) are consulting via CGDT, their plans to improve the ferry slipway, parking and access to the old slipway.

  • CLACHAN COMMUNITY HUB – The Trust have been awarded development funding for the project in the Clachan to allow us to carry out a full feasibility and visioning process. Designers and a business planning team have been appointed and they will, through consultation with the community produce a full design schedule following an options appraisal. Their first job will be to start the consultation process about the options open to the community, such as: Purchase and renovation of the existing Hotel building, Purchase and demolition of the Hotel then a new build on the site OR A new build on another site in the village.

This project will play a major part in achieving the community’s vision ” By the year 2021 ColGlen will be a vibrant community with a growing economy and with the ability to attract young economically active families whilst sustaining a high quality of life and safeguarding our natural and cultural resources”

Sara Maclean will be the Project Manager to take the project to a Stage 2 BIG lottery application to fund the agreed development and it is planned that this will be submitted for approval in April 2016 with on the ground works starting by the Autumn.


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS – to create a welcoming feel to both Colintraive, particularly around the ferry area and to Glendaruel, particularly around the Clachan and access to the Kilmodan Stones

MINI HYDRO SCHEME – to help generate income to support development projects

RIVER RUEL ACCESS – improvement of access along the riverside, including interpretation

COLINTRAIVE  AND GLENDARUEL VILLAGE HALLS – The committees of both village halls have development ideas which CGDT have committed to helping bring to fruition